Youth Sports

Youth Sports



The Rancho Santa Fe community offers a wide selection of local youth sports organizations that offer tons of opportunities for kids and teens to get active, learn the importance of teamwork, and improve their skills. These organizations cover a wide range of interests, here is a sampling of a few:


RSF Attack Soccer: Known for its commitment to excellence, RSF Attack Soccer provides a platform for young soccer enthusiasts to refine their skills, foster a love for the sport, and compete at various levels. With experienced coaches and a supportive environment, this organization cultivates teamwork, discipline, and a strong work ethic among its participants.


Friday Night Lights Flag Football: Offering a thrilling twist to traditional football, Friday Night Lights Flag Football brings together young athletes to experience the excitement and camaraderie of the game. This organization emphasizes inclusivity and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for participants to learn the fundamentals of football, develop their athleticism, and engage in friendly competition.


Eagles Lacrosse: For those passionate about lacrosse, Eagles Lacrosse offers a comprehensive program designed to enhance players' skills, knowledge, and love for the game. Through expert coaching and structured training sessions, participants learn essential techniques, teamwork strategies, and sportsmanship values. Eagles Lacrosse fosters a supportive community and encourages players to grow both on and off the field.


RSF Little League Baseball: This iconic institution in the Rancho Santa Fe community has been around since 1964, RSF Little League Baseball is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers, that provides baseball opportunities for boys and girls aged 4 to 13 years. This organization instills a sense of sportsmanship, perseverance, and fair play in its participants. With teams ranging from T-ball to advanced levels, RSF Little League Baseball offers a progression-based program that caters to players of all skill levels.


These local youth sports organizations offer much more than just playing sports and staying active. They provide invaluable opportunities for kids and teens to grow, develop character, and forge lifelong friendships. It's not solely about having a good time; it's about acquiring essential life skills and nurturing a profound love for sports that extends well beyond the field.


Playing Fields

Our two local fields are a major part of family life for many of us with kids and teens in the Ranch. Maintained by the Rancho Santa Fe Association, these private sports fields are intended for use exclusively for residents and our guests. They are also available for use by local organized youth leagues. 


First, we have the largest field known as the Rancho Santa Fe Field. It has a full-size soccer field, and a regulation baseball field with 90-foot base paths. You can also find a play structure for the little ones to play. The Rancho Santa Fe Field is located at 16826 Rambla De Las Flores. 


Next, we have Richardson Field, designed especially for our younger athletes. It's got a baseball field with 70-foot base paths, just right for the up-and-coming stars. Plus, there's a youth-sized soccer field that our youngest soccer players love. Best of all, there are bathrooms! Richardson Field is located at 17050 Rambla De Las Flores.


Newcomer tip: attending games and actively participating in these organizations is a fantastic way to connect with other parents and form meaningful relationships! I've personally seen many friendships flourish within our community through these activities. So don't hesitate to get involved, cheer on the young athletes, and strike up conversations with fellow parents. You'll be amazed at the connections you can make and the friendships that can blossom in the process. It's a wonderful way to become an integral part of the Rancho Santa Fe community and create lasting bonds with like-minded individuals.



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