The Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association

Rancho Santa Fe Association

The Rancho Santa Fe Association, founded in 1927, helps maintain the standard of living that makes life here in the Covenant so attractive. The Rancho Santa Fe community is both a State Historic Landmark and the oldest active planned community in California. The RSF Association acts as the collective steward of that nearly 100-year legacy, fostering a holistic, unique living experience through community events and organizations, cohesive design and architecture, and so much more.


Members of the Covenant have access to many clubs and organizations within the community, such as the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club, and Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, as well as access to Osuna Ranch and the 68 acres of open space at the RSF Arroyo property. Association members can also enjoy exclusive use of various parks and trails throughout the Covenant.


The "Protective Covenant," an agreement among property owners to preserve the character of the community and uphold the quality of future architecture, maintains Rancho Sante Fe's unique visual appeal. This Covenant is upheld via the local "Art Jury" which reviews development and building applications, ensuring that any new projects maintain the "high artistic result" mandated by the Protective Covenant. The Jury meets every third Thursday at 8:30 am to review requests.





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